The machines from our FROMAT series are guillotine cutters in which the blocks slide due to their own weight by gravity towards the vertically driven knives.

The blades in all models are driven by a appropriately powerful hydraulic system, and all common block shapes and sizes can gently be cut, even at very low temperatures. Thereby the FROMAT are the ideal machines for pre-cutting frozen blocks for further processing in bowl-cutters or grinders. The clean cutting result is advantageous because it results in very low water condensation on the product’s surface. Therefore, these machines are particularly well suited for the production of raw sausages like salamis.

We offer different knife-heads for all models in order to achieve the best cutting result for our customer's different requirements. FROMAT are very robust machines and our product range offers solutions for butcher shops to industrial productions, with hourly capacities from 800 kg (1.750 US-lbs.) to max. 7,000 kg (15.400 US-lbs.).