These machines are specifically built for processing raw materials which frozen are in barrels. A large part of the raw material used in fruit processing, especially tropical fruit, is frozen in barrels and thus delivered to the processing plants.

This is often the chosen way to source e.g. orange juice concentrates and various berries, to be able to produce juices and jam even in winter. In order to be able to process these frozen drum contents, weighing up to 250 kg, we offer our DRUMCUT series. However, the DRUMCUT cutting machine generally forms just the heart of the installation, and are often integrated into fully automatic production lines, supplemented by roller conveyors for the barrel supply and removal, lifting and tilting devices for the barrels, a bag-wringing- machine for the remains in polybags, and pump systems for the removal of the cut goods. Thanks to our well-known knife technology developed for our other frozen block cutters, the DRUMCUT are also able to “crush” frozen direct juices without any problems. DRUMCUT systems are always adapted to the needs of our customers. Please read about the possible variations we offer.