The worldwide most used frozen block guillotine FROMAT 053

The FROMAT 053 has been designed specifically for pre-cutting of frozen meat blocks prior to further processing in either bowlcutters or mincers. The machine has the option to be fitted with a block lifting device that enables the frozen blocks to be lifted into position. It also incorporates a block hold down device which secures the block in place during the cutting process. Due to the continuous operation of the machine it is suitable for midsize and industrial companies ensuring consistent throughput at an affordable price.

  • Frozen block guillotine cutter with up to 10 cross blades
  • continues process by use of optional block lifter
  • Optional block pusher for tempered or misshaped blocks
  • Processing standard EURO and US blocks
  • Capacity up to 4.000 Kg / h (8.800 US-lbs/h)

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