Robust frozen block guillotine for small and medium size productions FROMAT 042

The FROMAT 042 is suitable for small and mid-size producers. Cutting of E2-blocks is very easy with this machine. The blocks are fed into the cutting area by a pneumatically operated lifting chute. The space saving and solid execution of this model is stable and reliable. Product is discharged directly into 200 ltr. meat trolleys.

  • Frozen block-guillotine with up to 7 cross blades
  • Needs only 1sqm (11sqft) floor space
  • Processing of all common US- und EURO block sizes
  • Capacities: FROMAT 042 eco 800 Kg/h (1.750 US-lbs) FROMAT 042 profi 1.500 Kg/h (3300 US-lbs)

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