Small piece sizes straight from the frozen block RECUT 326 3D

With the RECUT 326 3D, all known block shapes of frozen foods are cut three-dimensionally in two cutting sequences. The first cut is made with a PRECUT 328. Cutting thicknesses between 6 and 20 mm are available for this purpose. These slices fall onto the punching knife roller of the PRECUT 328, which is installed directly below the RECUT 326, and are shredded into the desired, final piece size. For this purpose, cutting rollers from 8 mm to 25 mm are available for selection for the RECUT 326. With these cut sizes, the RECUT 326 3D offers an ideal grain size for mince production or fine shredding applications. Due to the gentle cut, both the structure of the product, binding ability and temperature are preserved.

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