Standards in noise protection STARCUTTER LN

STARCUTTER LN, LN being an abbreviation for low noise, is the world’s first frozen block rotation-cutter, which development was mainly influenced by the target of reducing the vibration and therewith the noisiness created while cutting the often rock hard frozen blocks, and therewith creating an improved workplace for the operators. To achieve this target the machine frame is built from very thick sheet stainless steel which absorbs vibrations, encapsulating the cutting area from three sides. Furthermore vibration damper are installed between the cutting drum and machine frame, so that the sound propagation between blades and machine frame is eliminated. Instead of belt or chain drive the motor on the STARCUTTER LN is mounted directly onto the shaft of the cutting drum, eliminating mechanical sounds from the drive. And last but not least the machine cover is a sheetmetal sandwich design, filled with noise absorption material.

  • LN = Low Noise: Designed for
  • Rotation cutter for high hourly capacities
  • Machine weight approx. ca. 4 tons / 8800 lbs for vibrations-diminution
  • Cutting thickness between 3 mm (1/8“) and 45 mm (1 ¾”)
  • Cutting area width 820 mm (32 ¼“), allowing parallel processing of two standard blocks
  • C-CUT blades utilizable
  • Very simple to clean through easy to open covers

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