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STARCUTTER 314 / 344

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STARCUTTER 314 / 344: rotation-cutter with integrated product feeding

STARCUTTER 314 + 344 With a cutting area of 250 x 420 x 650 mm (10 x 16 ½“ x 25 ½“) these machines are capable of handling any common block size, whether standard EURO-2-blocks or US-60-lbs-blocks (8” x 16” x 24”) and reach capacities, due to the integrated pneumatic feeding ram, of up to 4T/hr.

MAGURIT offers for its rotation cutters different types of blades. The STARCUTTER 314 can be equipped with standard U-shape blades which are adjustable between 3 and 9 mm, and also with the unique MAGURIT C-Cut blades. These are ideal for the reduction of blocks for further processing in mixing and forming lines like chicken / fish burgers or nuggets, or for emulsification processes like hot dogs, without the need of a grinder.

The STARCUTTER 344 with adjustable cutting thicknesses between 14 and 20mm are designed for applications which favor a more “coarse” cutting result, for example the production of PEPERONI-salami in bowl-cutters or the reduction of fruit blocks in a jam production, where the integrity of the whole fruit shall be preserved.

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