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Starcutter 312

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STARCUTTER 312: Clean cutting with very little space required.

The STARCUTTER 312 is the right machine for small and medium productions with up to 8to (17.500 lbs.) daily capacity. This machine is designed for all common EURO- and US-Standard blocks, which are lifted into the machine via a manual chute. Here the frozen product is cut by sharp blades into flakes or hand size pieces, between 6mm and 20mm cutting thickness, depending on the chosen blades. Discharge of the product is usually done by 200l / 400 lbs trolleys, which can be placed underneath the cutting area from 3 different sides. Therefore the machine can very well be used also in constricted production rooms.

Options STARCUTTER 312

We offer for the rotation cutters series STARCUTTER, PRECUT and DRUMCUT as the only manufacturer worldwide different cutting drums, which generally can sub-divided into closed and open cutting drums. The open cutting drums offer the ad-vantage of better product flow, while the closed cutting drum offer a more homoge-neous cutting result. Please contact us. We are more than pleased to give you our recommendation.

During the design phase of the machine we also had our focus on the floor space the STARCUTTER 312 would require. The 200Lt. (400lbs.) bucket can be placed from three different sides under the machine and the machine can therefore also be used in very tight production areas.

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