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PLASCUT – machines for the pharmaceutical industry

Have you ever donated blood or blood-plasma? And did you ever wonder what is done with it? Maybe you find time to search the Internet for “blood fractionation”. Some interesting information can be found.

Besides for the use of machines in our core-industry, the food industry, we also design and build machines for pharmaceutical applications, which usually are completely unique machines, build for a single customer’s needs. Plasma, the human blood proteins, and therefore a very exclusive raw material, is domated/collected in bags or bottles, and, if not immediately used e.g. on surgeries in hospitals, frozen for shelf life extension. PLASCUT are our machines to cut open the bags and bottles, into which the plasma has been stored, under highest hygienic standards. We offer two different machine types, PLASCUT 591 for bottles, and PLASCUT 592 for bags.

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