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GALAN – the most gentle way to cut fresh products

The meaning of the word GALAN in English is „gentle“, and describes the way the machine is treating the product while cutting. With the GALAN fresh, tumbled, crust frozen, and cooked products can be cut into slices, strips, and dices, from meat, poultry, fish or fruit, and also some dairy products.As said, these machines treat the product gently, and this is done first of all by the pressure adjustable belt feeding system, where two parallel belts feed continuously the product towards the blades. The product is not deformed before the blades cut as it often happens in chamber systems. Since the pressure is adjustable also very fragile products are not put under any pressure (e.g. marinated chicken breast). The cutting action of both the scimitar blades and the circular blades are pulling cuts, and therefore very precise. For improved hygiene almost all surfaces of the machine are angled so that water and detergents can easily rinse of, the feeding belts are pneumatically positioned and can be released and disassembled by only a push of a button, and the whole cutting area is kept closed with only one locking pin. Once released, the whole cutting area can be widely opened and easily be cleaned, reducing down time for cleaning and according costs tremendously.