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FROMAT 042 eco/profi

FROMAT 042 – robust frozen block guillotine for small and medium size productions.

The FROMAT 042 is with 800Kg/1.750 lbs. (FROMAT 042 eco) respectively 1.500 Kg/3.300 lbs. (FROMAT 042 profi) effective hourly production the right machine for smaller and medium size productions. E1- and E2- and US-60lbs blocks can easily be reduced. The frozen blocks are individually lifted by an integrated block lifter into the cutting area, where they are reduced by sharp blades either into slices, or with cross blades into smaller, e.g. fist size, pieces, so that the cutting result is ideal for the next step / machine in the production process. Product discharge can be with a standard 200l / 400 lbs. bucket, small or large boxes, or continuously via conveyor. The machine needs very little floor space, is very solid and hygienically build. And self-speaking MAGURIT adapts, wherever technically possible, its machines to our customers’ requirements.

Options FROMAT 042

You do not use 200lt (400lbs.) trolleys in your production, or you prefer to transport and storage your frozen meat in smaller units? We adapt the discharge of the machine to you requirements, whether it is E2, E3 or any other box, as long as the box can be identified by modern safety switches.

If our customers prefer to use 300lt (600 lbs.) buckets instead of the 200 lt. (400lbs) buckets, the we adapt the machines accordingly, and extend, as it is necessary for the FROMAT 042, also the lifting device for proper feeding of the frozen blocks into the machine.

MAGURIT adapts its machines wherever possible to customers’ needs, not the other way around.

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