MAGURIT the specialist in frozen and fresh cutting



FROMAT – the world’s frozen block cutter

With more than 2000 units sold, MAGURIT’s FROMAT series is probably the most often used frozen block cutter throughout the world. FROMAT includes all MAGURIT gravity fed frozen block guillotines. This means that the frozen raw material blocks by their own weight slide on the gradient surface of the machine frame towards the cutting tools where they are cut by a guillotine style blade set into smaller pieces, ideal for the further processing in grinder, bowl cutter, mixer or cooker etc. The cutting tools are hydraulically driven, and therefore always offer the adequate power to reduce the frozen blocks, also at very low temperatures of -20°C (-4°F).
The surface of the cut product is ideal for low humidity condensation, and therefore guillotine cutting is always advantageous if the product in the further process shall be dried, like cured sausage production, jams, etc.
Different available knife heads can be chosen for the ideal degree of reduction for each client’s application.
This series of very robust machines offers the proper solution for all capacities between 800 Kg/h (1750 lbs.) and 7.000Kg/h (15.400lbs).
Of course the machines comply with all local safety regulations and are extremely service and cleaning friendly.