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A huge amount of the raw materials used in the fruit industry, especially tropical fruits like all citric fruits, bananas, Pineapple, passion fruit etc. , are supplied to the processing plants frozen in barrels, containing 200 to 250 l of product. Only therewith we are able to consume good tasting orange juice and strawberry jam even in our deepest winters. To reduce these up to 250Kg heavy frozen concentrate blocks MAGURIT offers its DRUMCUT systems, rotations cutters designed for handling and cutting of these large barrels. The DRUMCUT itself usually is “only” the heart of a complete, integrated solution, often also containing roller conveyor systems to bring the full barrels to and the empty barrels from the machine, barrel-lifting-dumping, poly-liner squeezing unit for the remains of product in the plastic bags, pump-systems for further pumping into tanks, and also often CIP preparation incl. valves, spray-balls and nozzles. MAGURIT’s great experience in cutting all kinds of frozen products also allows us, compared to many other manufacturers, to cut products like direct juices.

MAGURIT DRUMCUT are always customized and integrated into whole processing lines.


Clean In Place (CIP) – Cleaning without disassembly

For the parts of the MAGURIT DRUMCUT systems that have direct product contact, like the crusher, the bag-squeezer, the discharge hopper and the pump, we optionally offer the integration of valves and spray-balls into the machine to connect it to a CIP system. The cleaning circles are usually controlled by communication between the MAGURIT PLC and the controls of the CIP. The recirculation of detergents and water back to the CIP system is usually done by the pump.

MAGURIT Lifter-Dumper HKVThe HKV made by MAGURIT are designed to our customers wishes and needs and are adequately adapted to the containers used (boxes or barrels, and if barrels to size and form), how the product is brought to the HKV (Fork-lift or roller conveyors), the total height of the installation etc.

328-020-021_01_2DRUMCUT – At the end they need to fit…

Large production lines like the DRUMCUT systems usually are need to fit into you process and into your building. It is part of our service to do 3-dimensional planning and design work for our customers, free of charge, already in the tendering stage.

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