Rotary cutter for highest hygienic demandsSTARCUTTER CIP

The STARCUTTER CIP, based on the cutting performance of the STARCUTTER 314 and 344, is the world's first frozen block cutter that can be directly connected to a "CIP - clean in place" system and thus au- tomatically cleaned inside. The cutting area, as well as the area of the cutting drum and the infeed table are equipped with spray nozzles. These nozzles reach every point of the cutting area. In order to start the cleaning cycle, the operators only need to mount protective hoods in the area of the block inlet and the cut product outlet. The use of an eccentric screw pump is ideal for returning the cleaning media. But also a MAGURIT MAGCON screw conveyor can be used for this purpose.

  • World-wide exclusive frozen block cutter with built in spray-nozzles
  • FDA-compliant materials
  • PLC & touch-panel controls
  • Suitable for standard block sizes
  • With integrated block-pusher

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