The wide one GALAN 960

With a cutting width of 610 mm (24") and a cutting height of 100 mm (4"), the GALAN 960 is our largest GALAN model. It has been designed for integration into continuous processing lines, e.g. in the connection of cooking or cooling tunnels. Due to the cutting width, and thus the possible very high capacities that can be achieved, the GALAN 960 is always built with an integrated discharge belt for the cut product, so that continuous processing of the cut goods can be ensured. Of course the discharge belt also allows the discharge of the cut product into containers such as 200 lt (400 lbs), 300 lt (600 lbs) carriages or big-boxes, should a discontinuous process be preferred.
A unique feature of the GALAN 960 is that the ma-chine offers the possibility of either separately collecting the abrasion generated during cutting in a collection box, or to discharge it with the cut product. For this purpose, a screw conveyor is mounted below the scimitar knife cutting area. With this screw conveyor the “fines” can either be conveyed into the mentioned collection box, or onto the discharge belt. Thus, depending on the product, the yield can be increased by up to 4 %.

  • Fresh cutter for large and productions and processing line integration
  • Continues product supply
  • Continues product discharge by integrated discharge conveyor
  • Cutting area 100 mm (4”) x 610 mm (24”)
  • Knife-sets available from 5 mm (1/4“) to 300 mm (11 ¾”)
  • Minimum slicing thickness 4 mm (1/8”)
  • Down-holder pressure pneumatically adjustable
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning
  • Very easy to clean due to easy to open covers and sloping surfaces

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