The DICECUT® 502 was designed for an optimized cutting of frozen meat blocks into dices or strips. This unit covers a cutting width from 10 up to 60mm (0,4 up to 2,4"). Hereby frozen meat blocks with maximal dimensions of 420 x 240 x 900mm (16,5 x 9,4 x 35,4") and a minimal core temperature down to -18°C (-0,4°F) can be handled. The advanced product flow as well as the integration of servo drives make a processing capacity up to 3,0t/h (6.620lbs/h) possible.

During the first step, the frozen meat blocks will have been cut into height-standardized slices and automatically put onto the conveyor belts of the dicing section afterwards. These dicing-synchronized conveyor belts feed the slices directly to the dicing section, where the 2nd and 3rd dimension will have been cut precisely.

By pushing only a button at the control panel, the cleaning procedure will have been started. Within seconds the DICECUT® 502 is ready to be cleaned.

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